No. We do not charge when you active FULL SPEED, because our charges is not calculate by no. of machines, instead we bill based on total render hour.

Therefore, always click FULL SPEED when your render result is correct. Full speed DO NOT incurs additional cost as it means all our idle render nodes will join your task, which drastically reduce your task completion time. The rendering fee is still the same no matter 1x render node or 100x render nodes work on your task.

More precisely, an example of cost calculation for a 5000 frames rendering (10mins per frame) task:

Calculation of cost

5000 frames x 10 mins / 60 = 833 hours

833 hours x RM3.76 (our plan B price) = RM3132.08

* This is the final estimated cost and it will not be affected by how many render nodes working on the task.

Estimated Delivery time

  1. 833 hours divide by 100 machines (Full speed ON) = complete in 8.33 hours
  2. 833 hours divide by 2 machines (Full speed OFF) = complete in 416.5 hours