(A) Issue

Workstation failed to obtain license from Vray license dongle.

(B) Potential Causes

  1. Check your firewall to make sure Vray is in the allow list (not being blocked).
  2. Under certain circumstances, Windows Update may causes a damage to the Vray license server installation, which lead to inaccessible of the license server.

(C) Solution / Troubleshooting

  1. Temporarily disable firewall completely (Private/Public/Domain) and do a test connection. If access to the Vray license is normal after disable firewall, add in allow rule in Firewall Advanced Mode.
  2. Re-install the Vray License Service (download from Vray Customer's Download section) would generally solve the issue.
  3. Re-install the WIBU Keys by using latest installer from WIBU official website: https://www.wibu.com/downloads-user-software.html (Navigate to the WibuKey Runtime section)

(D)Further Suggestion

It is recommended to disable Windows Update the license server to prevent interruption to service due to change of registry and system files. However, it is highly recommended  that user has to monitor from time to time regarding important Windows update in order to fix/patch Windows's vulnerabilities, and to perform windows update manually when necessary.