To connect from an Apple Macintosh machine, please follow these steps.

1) On your Finder menu bar, select Go > Connect to Server or press Command + K

2) On the pop-up dialog box, key in either afp:// or smb:// follow by the Hostname or IP address of the server.


afp://  OR  afp://sv1  OR  afp://sv1.local

smb://  OR  smb://sv1  OR  smb://sv1.local

Connect to server dialog (SMB)

Connect to server dialog (AFP)

3) Next, click Connect and you will see a login dialog, select Registered User and key in the appropriate username and password. Be sure to tick Remember this password in my keychain if you do not wish to key in for next login.

You should now connected to the server and be able to browse all the shared folders that you are permitted to view based on the file sharing policy configured on the server.