Aspera Connect is a high speed transfer technology and browser plugin developed by IBM. Robust Fox uses Aspera Connect to speed up your upload/download. To access our Aspera page, you may login to:


Aspera Connect Login

For upload, you will be using username with this naming convention: 6digit_*softwareName*. For example:

123456_max (where max stand for 3dsmax, maya represent Autodesk Maya...)

For download, you will be using a unified username with this naming convention: 6digit_output. For example:


Password is the same as your web log in password.

You are advised to compressed your files in ZIP/RAR/7-ZIP for faster transfer.

A graphical tutorial can be downloaded from here.

* Username and Password will be sent to you via email. If you have not receive, please request from again.

Upload Finished

Once your upload is finished, you can perform file extraction, render submission, tasks control, etc using our smart web portal:

To extract your file, under left menu, click File Manager > Select Your Software Folder, locate your uploaded ZIP/RAR/7-ZIP file, and you should see Extract button on its right-side. Extraction time is varied depending on the file size.

Upon extraction completed, you may now proceed to submit your scene to render.

Important Note

  1. You CAN NOT resume interrupted FTP/Web upload using Aspera. For example, if you upload using FTP and stop at 50%, you're required to delete the file and re-upload using Aspera, vice versa. Fail to do so might gives error when submitting render task.
  2. You can use either upload / download at a single time. To switch, simply log out and log in again.