To enable streaming of sound from Robust Internet Server (RIS) to user's PC, pulseaudio.exe must be running on user's PC.

Step 1

Please download and extract the pulseaudio.rar to C:\pulseaudio. Be sure the path must be exactly as shown in the picture below.

Step 2

Let's double check that you should have the following files and folders inside C:\pulseaudio:


  • bin
  • etc
  • lib
  • share


  • pulseaudio.vbs

Step 3

Now, open and run C:\pulseaudio\bin\pulseaudio.exe

Step 4

If it is running successfully, then you will see the following command prompt window and message. Ignore the Failed to allocate shared memory pool and Failed to load directory. It is normal and you should now login to RIS via remote desktop connection.

If the above window pop up and disappeared immediately, it means your sound drivers need to be configured to allow the streaming of sound via pulseaudio.

  1. Go to START > Control Panel
  2. Select View by: Small Icons
  3. Locate and open Realtek HD Audio Manager
  4. Go under Device Advanced Settings
  5. For certain PC, ENABLE the Disabled front panel jack detection will fix the problem. Other PC might only be working when it is being DISABLE.
  6. Click OK and close the setting window.
  7. Now try to run the pulseaudio.exe again.

The screenshot below shows the interface of two different version of Realtek HD Audio Manager.