As of 2016, Robust Fox is also recognize as Rayvision

Step A : Install and Run the Desktop App

1. Click HERE to download the latest Desktop App.

2. Double click "RayvisionDesktop3.0.exe" to run the installer, the default installation path is set to be "D:\Program (x86)"


3. Once the installation is finished, select www5 under Server, then enter your username and password (make sure you use www5 account, Email Us to request one if you do not have). Click Log In to proceed.

4. After login successfully, you will see the interface as below:

Step B : Setting Up the Desktop App

1. Create a new project by clicking on the New Project icon on the top right corner.

2. Now click on the Settings icon on the top right corner.

3. On the General tab, make sure to tick "Enable Scene Parameter Modification" and "Show project selection dialog when task dragged".

4. Next, go to Max Settings > Select the project you've just created > Select 3dsmax version that matched with yours > Setup Output directory > Select and add all used plugins > Then SAVE the settings.

Step C : Analysing Your Maxfile

1. Submit the maxfile by dragging your maxfile to the Desktop App. Please note that you must have exactly the same version of 3dsmax installed in your PC, for instance, if the file is saved in 3dsmax 2016, you must have 3dsmax 2016 installed. Should you have other version installed, please make sure you've re-save the file with your 3dsmax.

2. If a dialog box pop up, select the corresponding project configuration then click OK button to start analysis.

3. The analysis process will be using the 3dsmax in your PC. It usually takes about 15 seconds to analyze. For bigger scene, it may takes up to 5 minutes. Once the analysis is completed, you can see similar screen below:

Step D : Submitting Your Maxfile

1. Should there be any issue with your maxfile, it will be shown in the Status tab. Click on the icon to open the error message. If the error(s) listed is being a known issue, you may proceed with the render. Otherwise, you will have to fix the error(s) by opening your maxfile and re-save after being fixed.

2. When you proceed to the submission of the render task, you will be prompted to setup the settings of your maxfile. You can modify any settings where necessary.

3. After you have setup everything properly, click the Submit button to proceed.

4. The Desktop App should now start to upload all your textures and linked files in the background. Once the upload has been done, it will start render automatically.

Step E : Download Your Render

Method 1
1. Once the task has finished render, you may right-click on the task and select Download.
2. If you want the Desktop App to download your file automatically, go into Settings and tick Auto Download. It will saved the render output to the output directory you've defined in the early step.

Method 2
1. You can also right-click on the completed task and select either Open or Show Preview. Both options will show you the render output.

2. If you're using the Show Preview, be sure to click on the Folder icon to open the list of your output.