As of 2016, Robust Fox also delivers service with Rayvision trademark.

Click HERE to download the latest Desktop App.

(a) Create New Project

1. Click “New Project”

2. Enter the new project name and click “Create”

3. The new Project will be created while it is not exists and the name matched the naming convention

(b) Project Setting

1. Click “Setting” , the “gear” icon at the upper right cornerblob (3)

“General” let you change the basic setting , include : Auto download after render done, Render setting modification and Languageblob (4)

Maya Setting

blob (5)

For Example, the software version is Maya2015 and the plugin is vrayformaya3.05.03:
1. Select “Maya setting”
2. Select the current project
3. Select the software version
4. Output directory is default at C drive and modify is allowed
5. Add and select the plugins version which using in current project

(c) Drag The Scene File

1. Drag the maya files into RayvisionDesktopblob (6)

2. File analyzing
blob (10)
3. File analyze complete
blob (8)
4. Right click the analyzed task, Select “Parameter setting” to modify the render setting or select “Submit” to start the file upload process
blob (12)
(If “Enable scene parameter modification” in “General” is enabled, files upload will be start automatically after analyzing finish)

5. Scene parameter setting
blob (11)
User is allowed to change the setting of render cameras, resolution and frame range. The function “Priority Render” can let user confirm the render result before full speed batch render.

6. Scene file upload completed
blob (13)
7. Render Start
blob (9)
8. Render Complete
blob (7)
(If “Auto Download” in “General” is enabled, the render output will download automatically)